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Now Introducing Legendary Herbs Granule Extracts

We are delighted to announce that we have found a new and superior source for high-quality granule extracts with Legendary Herbs .

Legendary Herbs' owner, Eric Brand, L. Ac., spent many years in Taiwan and Mainland China. His language abilities and immersion in the field of Chinese pharmacy have given him exceptional Asian connections and a deep knowledge of herbal quality discernment. Legendary Herbs' business is based upon direct connections at the highest level of the global distribution chain, so they are able to offer products of unparalleled quality and value.

Legendary Herbs distributes granule extracts produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical . Tianjiang Pharmaceutical has exacting standards and processes to assure the safety, consistency and efficacy of each batch of granule extracts it produces. These granules are far and away the industry leader in China, used by over 30 million patients in over 1000 Chinese hospitals, and exported to 22 countries around the world. Numerous academic publications and dozens of clinical trials are based on Tianjiang's granules.

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